Resume of Colleen Robichaud, PhD, LCSW-C


2016- Present Sugarloaf Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates
Germantown, MD

  • Provide psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, families and groups
  • Provide EAP assessments, brief counseling, and referrals
2013-2016 Aspire Counseling/ Child Center and Adult Services, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD

  • Provide psychotherapy to referred clients
  • Provide consultation, supervision & training to practice
2012-2015 Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services
Directors Office/Child Welfare Services
Rockville, MD

  • Created Infrastructure and supervise staff performing daily functions of the Medical Assistance Personal Care Program
  • Facilitated Service Integration Meetings for Multi-Problem/service clients
  • Organized and Facilitated Maryland Children and Families Services Review (CFSR) for Montgomery County
  • Researched and composed Renewal Application for the Maryland Safe and Stable Families Program
2011-2012 Arlington County Department of Human Services
Division of Aging & Disability Services
Arlington, VA
Bureau Chief

  • Managed staff leading Bureau Programs (Adult Protective Services/Adult Services, Senior Adult Mental Health/RAFT Program, Nursing Case Management, Customer Service Center, and Guardianship)
  • Collected and Reported out data for ANASAZI Mental health database
  • Facilitated the development and implementation of division performance measures
  • Coordinated staff in initial phase of development of a Senior Care Coordination Model
2009-2011 Arlington County Department of Human Services
Office of the Director
Arlington, VA
Departmental Quality Assurance Manager

  • Led effort to integrate departmental services including facilitation of Service Integration Meetings, development of Action Plans, collection and dissemination of outcome data, and staff training
  • Promoted and Developed systems to facilitate Continuous Quality Improvement at all levels of the organization
  • Managed the development and implementation of Departmental Performance Measures
  • Organized and facilitated clinical supervisory training and support group
2002-2009 Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services
Director’s Office Child Welfare Services
Rockville, MD
Departmental Accreditation Manager/Quality Assurance Manager

  • Coordinated Departmental Initiative toward national accreditation
  • Administered quality assurance functions (e.g. outcome measurement, information management, strategic planning) utilizing best practices toward Agency’s National Reaccreditation
  • Trained by Human Systems and Outcomes, Inc. to conduct Quality Services Reviews for Montgomery County and Community Services Reviews for Dixon Court Monitor in Washington, DC
  • Conducted interagency stakeholder forums with consumers, state, and local representatives to monitor efficacy of Child Welfare Services
  • Supervised Ombudsperson and Data Specialist in improving interagency collaboration and evidence-based reports, methods, and practice
  • Represented Child Welfare Services on Montgomery County Commission on Children and Youth
2001/2007-2008 Catholic University
Washington, D.C.
Adjunct Professor

  • Taught Human Behavior and Social Environment to MSW Students
  • Taught family and group practice techniques to MSW students
1993-2002 System Reform Initiative (SRI)/Community Partnership
Return/Divert Services
Rockville, MD
Clinical Supervisor

  • Trained and supervised seven Masters level Social Workers/Case Managers in the delivery of clinical and treatment services for local agencies (Child Welfare Services, Department of Juvenile Services, Montgomery County Public Schools)
  • Developed, monitored, and evaluated administrative and fiscal procedures in accordance with best practices and federal, state, and local regulations
  • Collaborated with families, providers, state and local officials in the implementation of SRI/Community Partnership work plan
  • Represented SRI on local coordinating council enhancing interagency efforts to locate resources and funding for special needs children
1990-1993 Child and Adolescent Community Support Services (CACSS)
Rockville, MD
Therapist III

  • Trained and supervised several Masters level therapists
  • Provided case management for children and adolescents
  • Monitored contract services to juvenile sex offenders
  • Maintained liaison with state and local hospitals
1988-1990 Parents and Children Together (PACT)
Rockville, MD
Therapist II

  • Evaluated and intervened with status-offending, substance-abusing and conduct disordered children and adolescents and their families
  • Provided treatment recommendations and liaison to residential programs, public agencies and private practitioners
1985-1988 The Other Way Day Treatment Program (TOW)
Silver Spring, MD
Therapist II

  • Trained and supervised staff and interns
  • Designed and led therapy groups for adolescents and families
  • Conducted conjoint family and individual adolescent therapy
  • Developed and implemented program activities and therapeutic recreation trips


2004 Catholic University, Washington, DC
1986 Catholic University, Washington, DC
Masters of Social Work
1975 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Bachelor of Arts-Psychology
1988 Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical


Author, “The Relationship of Spirituality and Coping to Burnout in Child Welfare Social Workers.” Ph.D. thesis, Catholic University, Washington, DC, 2004.

Principal Author, “Disulfiram Maintenance Employee Alcoholism Treatment: A Three Phase Evaluation.” Behavior Research and Therapy 17, 1979, pp. 618-21.

Researcher, “A Behavioral Treatment of Alcoholic Methadone Patients.” Annals of Internal Medicine 89, 1978, pp. 342-344.


(partial list)

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"Ethics for Social Work", NetCE; May 22, 2022; 6 Hours.

"Alcohol and Alcohol Use Disorders", NetCE; May 22, 2022; 10 Hours.

"International Trauma Conference: Psychological Trauma: Neuroscience, Embodiment, and Restoration of Self", PESI; May 20-21, 2022; 12 Hours.

"Attachment-Informed Grief Therapy", J & K Seminars; May 13, 2022; 6 Hours.

"Safe and Connected: A Polyvagal Guided Path for Re-Imagining our World", PESI; March 19, 2021; 1.25 Hours.

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“The New Science of Trust of Trust”, Psychotherapy Networker Conference; March 27, 2011; 1 Hour.

“Disaster Ethics: Emergency Response”, Arlington County Department of Human Services; January 31, 2011; 3 Hours.

“Advanced Clinical Supervision”, Arlington County Department of Human Services; January 7, 2011; 4.5 Hours.

“Performance Measures Training”, Arlington County Department of Human Services; July 13, 2010; 2 Hours.

“Service Integration Training”, Arlington County Department of Human Services; March 8, 2010; 7 Hours.

“Case Studies in Clinical Ethics”, Arlington County Department of Human Services; December 9, 2009; 3 Hours.

“Clinical Supervision in Social Work: Monitoring and Mentoring Social Work Practitioners”, NASW Virginia Chapter; September-December, 2009; 14 Hours.

“Human Development- Spring Semester”, Catholic University, November 23, 2009; Taught 3 Credit Master Level Course.

“Human Behavior- Fall Semester”, Catholic University, July 20, 2009; Taught 3 Credit Master Level Course.