Michael Abrahams, LCSW-C

team member

I see three aspects to the work I do with clients:

  1. Finding practical solutions to immediate crisis and problems;
  2. Understanding and changing self-destructive patterns of living;
  3. Learning new ways to think, feel, and behave, that will bring more satisfaction, productivity, and intimacy in life.

I work with individual adults, with couples, and with teenagers and their families.

My work with adult individuals comprises about 60% of my practice. Client problems may include: depression, anxiety, relationship issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, long-standing emotional distress, and substance abuse issues.

My primary therapy approach is based on psychodynamic psychotherapy, which involves understanding and changing personal problems in the light of past experiences and the inner expectations we bring to our current relationships. I have also had training in a variety of other methods and techniques, including family systems therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), problem-solving and cognitive-behavioral techniques, and humanistic/spiritual approaches. I do both brief therapy and long-term work. When I work with someone, we decide together what methods will be most useful for the individual’s goals.

Couples’ therapy and work with teenagers and their families make up the balance of my practice. In both of these areas, therapy usually combines suggestions for behavioral change with insight-oriented work to uncover and change patterns of thinking, feeling, and perceiving.

I am Board-Certified and licensed as a clinical social worker, and have more than twenty years’ professional experience. You can find a copy of my resume linked below followed by a list of post-graduate continuing education classes that I have taken over the years.

To contact me, you can send me an email, or call me at 301-428-3557.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank You.

Michael Abrahams, LCSW-C., BCD

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